The White Rabbit – Code: ALICE

invite-rabbit-holeIn “Alice in Wonderland” the White Rabbit is introduced as always running late. He carries a watch that is running backwards but when viewed Through the Looking Glass, it shows time correctly.
Conspiracy Theorists often use the phrase “Going down a deep rabbit hole” when dealing with government and military cover ups and the black ops world. Well there is a reason for this… the Government uses the ALICE CODE

Project Aquarius 
and the Looking Glass Project at Facility S4 at Area 51

“Above the door frame leading into the lab that contains the Looking Glass project at facility S4 at Area 51 there is a stuffed White Rabbit holding a backward watch mounted permanently to the frame.”

“Per Dan’s comments, permanently wired above the entrance to the Project Looking Glass laboratory, there was a large three foot tall statue of a rabbit (symbolic of Alice in Wonderland).
This rabbit was described as having a clock in his hand, and wearing a royal maroon vest, with gold fringes, and black buttons”

“Level 2 or “4-2” was known as “Alice’s Floor”. This specific floor contained a laboratory for weapons research and development, three board rooms, and provisions for emergency supplies.
Also located on level 4-2
 were two specific areas which contained components for project sidekick. Level 4-2 was also the location of Project Looking Glass. This device utilized six (composite) electromagnetic fields, and a height adjustable rotating cylinder which is injected with a specific type of gas.
The entire assembly can be rotated 90 degrees from the horizontal axis. This allows scientists to warp the local fabric of space-time both forward or backwards by long or short distances relative to the present time.
dan_005The Project Looking Glass device was used to predict the potential probability of future events.
Once the device is tuned properly, images of probable future events are projected in open space within the fields, similar to a hologram. The data output of the device (images and in some cases sounds) were then captured via high resolution audio-video capture devices.
If multiple probabilities of the same event were displayed, they could be de-interlaced by use of specific software platforms.
Next to the Project Looking Glass device were two “transport pads” which could teleport physical matter or humans from one location to the other instantly, but not always reliably and with certain disastrous outcomes during testing phases.
Dan had the unfortunate experience of being in the room during one of those unfortunate outcomes, and witnessed a death.”


“During Dan’s time at S-4, five concurrent programs were also being conducted. One named “Project Galileo”, dealt with the propulsion system of extraterrestrial and future terrestrial vehicles.
Another program termed “Project Sidekick” which Dan said relates to a weapons platform but refuses any further comment.
The third project known as “Project Looking Glass” dealt with time distortion. More specifically, this program dealt with the physics of seeing the effects of an artificially produced gravity wave on time.
The overall umbrella designation for the study of anything having to do with Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, and their interaction with humans on earth was known as “Project Aquarius”.
The fourth project was a separate weapons program developed as a second generation research program from Project Sidekick. Dr. Dan refuses to provide the official project name for that program.
The other program involved a suite of biological defense operations for which Dan worked in the capacity of senior scientist.
No further information will be provided for that program.”

View depicting the Looking Glass device found on Level 4-2 of the S4 facility.*

“The looking glass device at Area S-4 (level 4-2), used a barrel housed within the center hole of a doughnut shaped structure.
During operation, Argon gas was sprayed into the center of the rotating barrel.
A number of powerful electromagnets encircled the barrel, and as the power is fluctuated into the magnets and the orientation of the magnets is changed, it dials into the probabilities within hyperspace, contacting wormholes to various probabilistic universes.
According to Dan and Will Uhouse (a direct witness to early Looking Glass operations during the 1970’s), the scientists working on the program quickly found out that the device was multifunctional.
Through a variation of power settings and alignments, the device could produce images. It was soon determined that these images dealt with future events which might take place on earth.

According to Dan, it was soon determined what events would be causation events for the ultimate splitting of humanity into what could become the J-Rod’s and the Orion beings. That information from the Looking Glass was supported by the direct testimony of both the J-Rods and Orion beings, according to their written and oral histories.
It was further supported by observation of data from the quantum cube gift (Orion Cube) given to President Eisenhower in 1954.
According to Dan, the Looking Glass devices and Stargates were dismantled in an effort to protect humanity, based upon the totality of information collected.
There were also several other efforts commissioned by Majestic to derail the potential sequence of events that would have led up to the catastrophe.”

The “doctrine of the convergent timeline paradox” is well illustrated in the movie “Back to the Future Part II”.


Three-view drawing of the Looking Glass device.*




“Note the above depiction of a Stargate from the Hollywood movie. However, aside from some superficial similarities, the actual Stargates looked nothing like this.
There was another Looking Glass device located
 elsewhere on the Nevada Test Site Range. The earlier version of that Looking Glass device was viewed by Will Uhouse in the 1970’s.
Two devices were required, operating at the same settings, for either of the two devices to
 emit sound associated with the probable events they were presenting as data. Dr. Dan being a microbiologist, and not having had further briefings about Project Looking Glass during the 1990’s time frame, could not specify why two devices were required to produce sound.
A “flip book” was worn on the arms of those directly
 involved with the field operations of Stargate devices.
Within S-4, all settings for the Looking Glass were
 achieved from the control room so no flip books were required. This consisted of drawings and specific “galactic positioning codes” which were used to program the Stargate devices so that personnel could accurately determine their destination point once the device was in operation.”


Source – PDF Download – Project Looking Glass – Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Through the Looking Glass with Phase Conjugation